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DJ Façade

Any professional DJ is going to ensure his (or her) setup is clean and doesn’t have loose cables everywhere. But have you ever thought about taking that setup to a new level? A customized DJ Façade is a great way to add personalized special décor to your wedding venue. The façade will conceal the entire DJ table giving the traditional setup an entirely new look!

These are not your usual façades with the simple one color black or white fabric. You can choose to customize this lightweight fabric with the color of your choice in addition to adding anything from lighting, text with your names and special wedding date, or even your wedding day logo actually printed on the fabric.

Elegant Appearance

A DJ Façade can make the appearance of the DJ table extremely sleek and elegant. Any DJ should do a good job of concealing any cords but the façade makes everything stylish! This route is a great way to supplement a monogram that you won’t use again. You can also use the façade as a great backdrop for photos from the dance floor also.

Modern Style

You can choose to customize this lightweight fabric with the color of your choice in addition to adding anything from lighting, text with your names and special wedding date, or even your wedding day logo actually printed on the fabric!

Personal Reminder

After your Big Day, the Newlyweds actually get to keep the fabric to create a keepsake to keep for years to come! There are a ton of Do-It-Yourself ideas that you can design to showcase this token around your home after the wedding.

Using a DJ Façade is a very simple and nice way to accent any venue and any occasion. The façade will conceal the entire table giving the traditional DJ setup an entirely new look! This style of façade can be a huge addition to the décor at your venue. If you choose to customize your façade it can be a great background for candid photos of your evening and you even get the fabric back as a really cool gift from your wedding day. There are a ton of Do-It-Yourself ideas that you can create to showcase this keepsake around your home after the wedding. Consider using a customized DJ façade to enhance the venue décor for your upcoming event!



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Wedding Planning Checklist: Book Your Vendors

Book Your Vendors

Now that you are engaged it is time to start thinking about your wedding planning checklist. What kind of entertainment would you like to have? Do you want to use a band or DJ? What kind of songs would you like played and what is the atmosphere you want your guests to experience. Whichever route you choose, be sure that you ask plenty of questions to be sure that you know exactly what to expect (or what not to expect) from your wedding entertainment.

When to Start

Try to start your wedding entertainment search as soon as you set your date. Many places book 2-3 years in advance so the sooner is definitely better! Believe it or not, there are more couples than you would ever imagine that book their entertainment before their venue. A good entertainer is like a chameleon, able to adapt to any venue, so do not think you need to nail down your venue before you book your band or DJ.

What To Ask

The same goes with booking any other vendors, you have to ask questions to ensure that you are going to get what you want. What training do they have? Are they insured? Will there be a backup equipment and personnel in case of an emergency or malfunction?

Be sure that you are familiar with the contract you are signing and what it all entails. Also, if the vendor offers an online planning site that is a huge help when planning details for your big day. This way you have access to your planning forms 24/7 and can make any updates as needed!

Things to Consider

You may think you know what you want for your special wedding day and that is wonderful. But be open to listing to ideas and suggestions that you may receive from your professional wedding vendors. Remember, this is a first wedding for you and the professionals deal with weddings nearly every weekend. There may be some ideas that they have seen work and alternately not work. Their professional suggestion is just that, a suggestion. Be sure to remain open to various ideas that may enhance your day!

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Wedding Planning Checklist: Book Your Venue

Book Your Venue

When it comes to beginning your wedding planning checklist there are so many details to consider. The planning goes far beyond what you want to be your first dance and smashing cake into your husbands’ face! We hope the wedding planning checklist will help with your pre-planning ideas.

Ceremony Venue

There would be no room to celebrate this wonderful day if there is no ceremony! First, decide if you want a traditional ceremony in a church or something non-traditional at your reception venue. Once you have this detail you can start looking into your venue options. How many guests will it accommodate, is there parking available, etc.

Reception Venue

What style and feeling do you want to provoke with your wedding reception venue? Guests absolutely love when they do not have to drive from the ceremony to the reception. Not only do you eliminate travel time from one location to the other but you also don’t have to provide transportation for out of town guests. There are a number of venues that offer All Inclusive Packages that have the ability to be both your ceremony and reception venue. If that option is not for you, you can always start looking for a reception venue based on proximity to the church you will be married in.

Again, how many guests will the venue accommodate and is parking available are key factors. Also, you want to check into whether the venue is full service or not. If they are a full-service venue then most everything you need to make your space beautiful and serve your guests is offered. If the venue is not a full-service venue then they are simply renting you the space and what you put into décor is what you get out of it. You will also need to inquire on per plate cost and drink costs as well. Be informed on the food tasting policies also. Will there be a tasting prior to finalizing the menu? Is there a fee associated with the tasting? Liability insurance, cancellation policy and weather contingency if you are planning an outdoor event are also details you want to consider when making your decision.


This can be tough to nail down if you are not a member of a church or know someone ordained to legally marry you. You can always ask for recommendations from friends or family that recently got married. You want to be sure to find someone you are comfortable with. This person is going to guide you and your guests during this very special day so you want to be sure you feel confident that they know your story and what you want out of your ceremony.

Your officiant is going to set the atmosphere for your wedding. Be sure to make time to meet with them beforehand and convey the tone you wish to set for your big day. The may want to schedule time to meet with your family and close friends and they should definitely want to hear more stories about the happy couple to get to know you better if you are not already familiar with each other.

Be sure to ask questions about the officiant fee and what is included with it. You do not want to assume anything when you are booking these services. Is pre-martial counseling, legal registration, travel and performing the ceremony all included in the fee? What is the officiant back up plan if an emergency arises?

These are just a few key details you want to be sure you know about before entering into any type of agreement with a venue or vendor. Be sure to know exactly what to expect for the money that you are investing into this day. You want to try to remain as stress free as possible!

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Power Bar

If you are a tech savvy couple that plans on using a hashtag for your Big Day then the now trendy power bar may be a great add-on for you! With social media becoming more and more popular at weddings your guests will be trying to capture moments to share online. In order to do this, a fully charged device is essential and so is a phone charging station! Why have a hashtag if no one can use it? Since you have invited your guests to use social media throughout the day they will most likely need to recharge their device by dinner.

There are lots of creative ways to display a charging table and have it fit in with your wedding décor. You can choose to rent a phone charging station, or go the DIY route. Most times, when you rent a phone charging station you will get to customize the stretch fabric that encloses the charging station. The design can be anything from using your wedding logo or you can include your wedding hashtag. The options are endless! After your big day, you can keep the fabric and create a keepsake such as a throw or curtains to remember your special day.

Try placing your customized phone charging station in a common area where people can have access to their devices without “hanging around” the charging station and missing out on any traditional wedding events! It can be set up near the bar or restroom or even just at the ballroom entrance. Be sure to include a sign near your phone charging station with your #hashtag so that your guests will know what to use when posting their pictures. Also, remind your guests not to hang around the charging table or they will miss some great memories…with or without their mobile devices. All of the fun for the evening will be on the dance floor, not at the bar or phone charging station! It is not uncommon for the bride and groom to not want their guests on their cell phones throughout the day. If you and your fiancé do not want your guests on their phone all evening you can make a note in the invitation stating that. This way your guests are aware beforehand.

Give us a call today if you are interested in finding out more details about adding a phone charging station to your wedding reception. We would love to start discussing ways to make your 2018 wedding stand apart from the rest!

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Wedding Planning: Reception Seating Guide

So much work goes into reception seating and most times your guests have no clue how much time you dedicated to this detail! If you are having a buffet style meal with less than 150 guests it may not be necessary to do a seating plan. However, if you will be having a sit down meal and serving different entrees then this element is a necessary evil. But don’t worry, it will get done!

Display Options

There are a variety of factors that go into completing the seating chart. Once you have received all of your RSVPs and know what size and style table you will be using it is time to get down to business. Will you choose to use a seating chart or place cards? A seating chart is placed at the entrance and designates the guests’ names and the table they will be sitting at. A place card is the tented cards that are generally displayed in alphabetical order near the entrance and list the guests’ name and table number. You also have the option to use escort cards or seating chart place cards to tell each guest exactly which seat to have at the table. These are not always necessary. Hey, you have already put the table together, let them choose where they want to sit!

Who Sits Where

If at all possible, you want to group your guests together with similar interests and backgrounds. This way they will have something to talk about, even if they have never met. Generally your family will sit together and you can choose to sit your friends from different areas of life together; such as colleagues, college friends and childhood friends. You can also choose to mix up the seating a bit. Try to split your friends up so that your childhood friend from out of town can meet your college roommate they have always heard stories about! If you have any single people attending, try not to put them all at the same table or at a table with newlyweds. If you don’t have many single guests or a guests or two that you know most likely will not know anyone else, consider letting them bring a plus one, even if it is not allowed across the board.

Don’t Over Think It

Ideally, your guests will not be sitting for long. They will have every chance to move around throughout the evening and mingle with whomever they choose to. So if you keep your younger guests close to the dance floor and the older guests a little further away everyone should be content. At the end of the day, your guests will be happy to have enjoyed celebrating your wedding day with you. They won’t over think who they had to sit with, so you shouldn’t over think it either!

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Wedding Myths

Often, as a bride-to-be, you fall into the rabbit hole full of magazine articles, websites and pins with the “do’s and don’ts” of planning your big day. Keep in mind, these articles are full of wedding planning myths and were written by journalists, not wedding professionals. A lot of times the suggestions given are outdated or simply incorrect. 

Many times you will see articles that suggest you should go see your DJ perform before you decide on hiring anyone. This is one of the huge wedding planning misconceptions that brides do not realize can be tricky. The bigger question is; where would you go to see this DJ and how will you know if he is fulfilling the clients requests? You may think that just going and standing in the corner awkwardly at a wedding the DJ has booked already will give you the answers you need in order to know if you should hire or not. Realistically, you will be going to someones’ private event, you may not be dressed properly and you are hoping to see weather or not this DJ will be a good fit for your 6 hour day based on the 15-30 minutes you were there.

You do not need to see your entertainer perform in order to decide on if they will be a good fit or not. Not only are you hoping to see your wedding in the future but you are expecting to see something amazing in the small amount of time that you are watching the DJ in action. You may see the DJ do the chicken dance and you know you absolutely do not want to have that at your wedding. Well remember, this is not your wedding. Maybe the couple wanted to have that dance played for their favorite nieces and nephews. So now you leave thinking that is the only way the DJ can perform. Not true! Any professional DJ should be like a chameleon and be able to adapt in any situation.

It is best to trust the reputation of the company versus putting all of your trust in one individual entertainer. You may be thinking you want to know who will be the Master of Ceremonies for your big day but realistically, you have more security when you hire a company. This way your entertainer will not only have back-up equipment but there will also be back-up personnel. This security measure will guarantee that if your DJ had an accident or worse, your special day will not be affected!

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New Isn’t Always Better…

As the fall rolls in either your planning is just beginning or you have taken it into overdrive. Either way, you are trying to come up with new and creative wedding ideas that will make your Big Wedding Day stand out from the rest.

Keep in mind that many fresh ideas can work out wonderfully, however, it is never a bad idea for you to run some of those creative wedding ideas by the Industry Professionals to ensure that your initiative will go over smoothly and not be a bust. Your Wedding Planner or Coordinator has most likely been in the business for a number of years and has seen far more Weddings than any of your family members or friends that have input on your Wedding Ideas. Many social media platforms will give what seem to be new and creative wedding ideas until you actually execute them and find the flaws that a Wedding Professional may have been able to foresee.

Recently, one of our previous Brides thought it would be a nice touch for guests to send a song request in with their RSVP. It was definitely a great idea to try to involve their guests in the event with their song requests and Kudos to the Bride for “thinking outside of the box”, but this added confusion to the guests because they thought their song would definitely get played. After the wedding, the Bride gave us a call to say that in retrospect she wished she “would not have done that.” Additionally, she said if she could give any advice to future clients she would advise them not to do anything like this. Realistically there would have been no way to play 150 guests request in addition to the main events of the evening within the 5-hour reception! If the Bride & Groom approve, our DJs are always willing to take guest requests on site at the event.

Usually, for a 5-hour reception complete with first dance, cake cutting, mother/son & father/daughter dances, garter/bouquet toss, and the anniversary dance leaves only about 2 hours of dancing for the evening. 2 hours of dancing equates to around 30 songs; most of which you as the Bride & Groom have chosen and some that the DJ chose to maintain guests on the dance floor and high energy through the evening.

In certain event situations it would be preferred that guests make song requests. A class reunion or Sweet 16 Birthday Party would be an ideal setting. On your Wedding Day, there is a superior expectation and many special moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. Hiring the right entertainment for your Big Day will ensure that your guests remain involved and engaged throughout the evening. Why waste your creative juices on something you have already paid your vendor to do? Be inspired to continue to come up with original and innovative ideas for your magical day, but also keep your Industry Professionals in the know to help implement your plans.

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Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

Planning a wedding is an exciting endeavor but can be stressful due to a list of wedding mistakes to avoid. Often, couples spend many hours making preparations, rethinking their decisions, and doing lots of consultations. They have to juggle between their own interests and the expectations of family and friends. Even with all the preparations that go into it, some couples fail to pull off a successful wedding. So, where do couples go wrong?

  1. Having One Dress in Mind

Be realistic and flexible about the kind of dress you will wear on your wedding day.  Keep an open mind and consider getting a dress personalized instead of moving from shop to shop looking for your ”dream dress”. When you have a fixed mindset, you will spend several days just looking for the perfect dress and end up not finding it.

  1. Going the DIY Way:

Seriously, you cannot be a “jack of all trades” when it comes to planning and preparing for your wedding. You need to hire a wedding planner to help you develop a realistic budget and to handle wedding arrangements. If you decide to go the DIY route, you can blow your budget and fall short of expectations.

  1. Failing to Stick to a Budget:

Financial discipline is key to the success of a wedding. More often than not, weddings fail because couples fail to stick to their budget. You’ve got to prioritize your needs and allocate money to the most fundamental things. Don’t stretch your budget. It could mean the difference between making guests happy and leaving them disgruntled.

  1. Choosing a Bad Venue:

No matter how beautiful a venue is, it will not do you any good if it doesn’t offer you and your guests the convenience you need. Look for a spacious venue that will cater to all guests and activities on the wedding day.  Don’t decide on a venue that will force you to adjust arrangements or manipulate space.

  1. Getting Your Seating Wrong:

Think about a seating layout that will maximize views and participation. Think about older guests who have limited movement and visibility. Ideally, your seating arrangement should let guests see what’s happening without craning their necks.

  1. Overlooking the Needs of Guests:

As much as the wedding revolves around you, you should always keep the needs of your guests at the top of your mind. Guests have expectations and genuine needs which need to be catered to during your big day. Make sure that you have enough seats, bathrooms, a variety of cuisine and ample parking.

  1. Hiring a friend instead of a Professional DJ  

Your childhood friend may be able to pull off a few tricks, but that doesn’t mean he can work the crowd and get your guests up off their feet like a Pittsburgh wedding DJ can. Chances are your friend will struggle to play the kind of music that resonates with the guests.  Don’t gamble, hire a professional Pittsburgh DJ who has experience.

  1. Through the Roof Expectations:

Sometimes, couples want to pull off celebrity style weddings without factoring the cost and the logistics required. Have realistic expectations and personalize your wedding.  In fact, a personalized wedding with the perfect touch can leave a greater impression than a reality-show kind of wedding.

Your wedding day should be one you and your guests remember for years to come, not one you hope to soon forget. Make sure your big day has everything it takes to be memorable and leave your guests raving with the wedding DJ services from Steel City DJ. Our team of professionally trained entertainers know just what it takes to get the party started, and can keep it going all night long. Do not have your special day be anything less than magnificent and contact the team at Steel City DJ today.

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How Much Do You Charge?

More often than not we are contacted by prospective clients who just want to know, “how much do you charge?” Unfortunately, that is not as simple of an answer as you may think. There are far more details that go into giving an accurate price for a DJ for any type of event. We’re not saying that pricing isn’t important, because for obvious reasons it is extremely important, but when is the right time to ask?

Most Bride & Grooms are getting married for the first time and have never done this before. So they are ignorant to the actual responsibilities and worth a DJ, Photographer, or Cinematographer has to their wedding. There is a lot more that goes into DJ Services for a Wedding rather than just pushing buttons. The DJ/Entertainer is Solely Responsible for the Great Time, or the Crappy time, your guests are having.

There are many, many other Qualifying Questions to ask to see if the DJ is in fact a Professional or a Hobbyist. When we hear you ask the question “How much for a DJ or Photographer or Videographer?” What we are hearing is, “Give me the Cheapest option you have. I don’t really care about Quality, but only finding the Cheapest Price like a Blue Light Special at K-Mart!”

Now you may be reading this and scared to ask “How much?”, Don’t Be! Just don’t make that your first questions when sending an Inquiry Email or making a Phone Call.

Think of finding a DJ this way, when you call for a New Car Insurance Quote, they can’t give you a cost right away. They have to find out more about you and your history like did you have 4 accidents, and 2 speeding tickets? Well your rate is going to vary, right? Same thing for your DJ/Entertainment. If you are having an outside Ceremony, we have to bring more equipment. If you’re having cocktail hour in another room, we have to bring more equipment. You want video screens, up lighting, monograms, and more… We have to bring more equipment. Now you see where I’m going with this, right?!

Now that you understand a little more into our world and now you’re asking yourself, “So what questions do I ask then?” GREAT QUESTION!

Here are some questions that will help you figure out if you are dealing with a Full-Time Professional, or a Hobbyist that only cares about your wedding after they worked their 40-50 hour Full-Time job!

  • First off, are you free for my wedding date?
  • Are you able to meet my needs? (Insert the vision of your Dream Wedding Here)
  • How often do you update your equipment, and what is your backup plan? (Most Full-Time DJ/Photographers/Videographers will update their equipment every year or two)
  • How many people work for your company?
  • How is your staff trained, and educated? (Did they just start being a DJ by learning over YouTube, or buy a Digital Camera at Best Buy and started calling themselves a Professional to get business?)
  • Do you have any Recommendations, Referrals, and Reviews? (Most Professional Companies are Recommended by MANY Venues, other Vendors, and a long list of past clients)
  • ***Important*** Do you have Workers Comp Insurance, and Liability Insurance, and what are your Minimums? (Check with your Venue, but most Venues require a minimum of One Million Dollars in Liability Insurance)
  • What is your backup plan in case the DJ/Photographer/Videographer gets into a Car Accident, has Food Poisoning, or even a Death in the Family on the Day of my Wedding? (The company should have an On-Call Staff of Employees, not Contractors from another company, on stand-by just in case something unforeseen happens)
  • Do you have Professional Written Contracts? (Not something that is written on a Napkin, or that just says “I’m your DJ”)
  • Do they have an Online Planner to help with your planning process and take the stress out of planning your wedding?
  • How many years have they been in business?

These are just some questions to get you on the right path. These questions will help you figure out who is legit or who is just running a game on you. Unfortunately, technology has made it easier to get into the DJ Industry and people create an easy website which may look great, but there are 2 important things they lack – Education & Training! Now a day anyone can download thousands of songs illegally and call himself or herself a DJ. But what makes the Professional’s stand out are their years of knowledge, training, and Hundreds to Thousands of referrals. So do you research, and ask more questions than just, “Hey, How Much?!”

Here are some Questions that are in Wedding Blogs that are not as relevant as you think:

  • Can I come see the DJ perform at a Wedding before I make my decision

The Answer should be No. Think about this. Your needs are not this Bride and Grooms wants and needs for their day. You are going to show up to someone else’s PRIVATE Wedding wearing Jeans and a Nice Top, and stand in the corner of the room for about 10 to 15 minutes looking like creepers. You can’t get a full experience of a Wedding in 10-15 minutes! You don’t want to stay longer than that because you already feel under dressed and out of place. You walk in at the exact time the DJ is doing the Cupid Shuffle and let’s say and you HATE the Cupid Shuffle. You don’t think of anything else besides the DJ playing the Cupid Shuffle and he is for sure the WRONG DJ for me. Not thinking that this is NOT YOUR wedding, this is someone else wedding, and that Bride LOVES the Cupid Shuffle! So you now have a horrible taste in your mouth for no reason at all, because you can’t get that vision out of your head. So even if that was one of the Best DJ’s around, you are going to miss out on that because you are being close-minded.

The other option instead of going to see the DJ is to see what Venues Recommend that company. No Hotel is going to recommend a company that is going to make them look bad. The Venue obviously works well with this company and they have probably seen Hundreds of DJ’s through their doors every year. If they made the Preferred Vendor List, then they are somebody!

The Other Question and we get a lot of is this:

  • Do you have a sample clip of the DJ so I can see what he/she does?

The Answer should be Maybe to No. Why you ask? Let me use the same example in the previous question. You hate a certain style of dancing, or even Line Dancing. Then we have it in the sample video of one of our DJ’s teaching the Wobble or Cha-Cha Slide. You don’t like that, and now you think that is part of everything we do, and we HAVE TO DO THAT at EVERY Wedding we perform at! Which is FALSE! Think about this… Anyone that knows what they are doing with video editing can make ANYONE and I do mean ANYONE Look Good on Video. Heck, I can make my Grandmother look like an Amazing DJ. So be Leary of what you might see, it could be all Smoke and Mirrors compensating for the lack of knowledge the DJ/Entertainer really has to offer.

We understand that pricing is very important when planning one of the most special days of your life. But starting the conversation by just asking how much isn’t the route to go. Make sure to ask more questions about the quality of services you will be receiving and if the DJ/Entertainer will be able to create the vision you have for your Wedding. Ensuring the company has the proper insurances, back up plans as well as great reviews from vendors and clients is a huge help in making the right decision as well. Think of what you are looking forward to for your Wedding before sending the inquiry asking, “How much do you charge?”

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Wedding Perfect Playlist

Planning the Perfect Playlist for Your Wedding Day  

The music that you select for your wedding day should be as perfect as every other aspect of this occasion. From the music played during the ceremony to the songs played at your reception, your choices should reflect the theme of the day. Your wedding playlist should be an accurate reflection of the kind of music that you and your betrothed appreciate. The trained professionals at a DJ service can offer much assistance as you plan the details of your playlist. A trained professional may be able to provide insights based on experience, so consulting such a service before you start planning could be a wise strategy. Additionally, a DJ service can help to set the tone for your wedding and even keep the party going well into the night. The following are a few points worth considering as you organize the music for your special day.

Stay True to the Theme

If you want an elegant theme for your day, then all of the details should correspond with that wish. This includes the style of music you choose for the day. Selecting classical or mellow jazz pieces would be quite appropriate for such a wedding. If your wedding theme is casual and fun, then your music choices might be more modern and upbeat. Playing the latest hip-hop singles at a wedding with a formal tone would probably seem odd to your guests, and doing so would be incongruous with your chosen theme.

Choose a Theme and Music That Make You Happy

No one should dictate your wedding theme and the music you play except you and your beloved. You should both be happy with the tone of the event, and you should each approve of the music that is played. If you both want to play upbeat country music on your wedding day, you might consider planning a wedding with a ranch or country theme. If you dream of playing romantic ballads at your reception, then a more romantic theme would probably be appropriate. Just be sure to do what makes you and your partner happy – this day is supposed to be a celebration of your love for each other.

Consider the Season, Date, and Time of Day

If your wedding is in the winter, seasonal holiday songs could be appropriate. If it’s during the week of the Fourth of July, you might ask the DJ to play several patriotic tunes. The time of day should also be taken into consideration. If your wedding reception is a sit-down luncheon, you might want to plan for music that serves well as a background for conversation. If your reception is at night, then music that people can dance to for hours could be the perfect choice.

Think About the People Who Will Be in Attendance

While you should certainly choose the types of music that you and your betrothed appreciate, it is also polite to consider your guests when organizing your wedding playlist. If elderly relatives and young children will be at the reception, you should abstain from playing anything too risqué. If you have a song or two in mind that may not be appropriate for mixed company, save them for the late-night dancing when only those who would not be offended will still be present. Alternatively, you could host another party when you return from your honeymoon, and invite only your peers who will appreciate a trendier tone and music.

A fun option is to play a few popular songs from each of the last seven or eight decades. Doing this may ensure that all of your guests are able to enjoy music they identify with and remember. A professional may be able to help you plan this kind of a playlist seamlessly.

Select the Right Tunes for the Most Special Moments

Don’t forget to discuss the various noteworthy moments during the wedding that should be matched with suitable music. You’ll want to choose a piece for the ceremony that is meaningful to you and your beloved. Other significant moments may include the first tune played at the reception, the song that accompanies your first dance as a married couple, and the piece that is played when you cut the wedding cake. Your DJ can help you to explore some viable options for these moments.

Like all of the other details associated with your wedding, you probably want the music to be perfect. A professional DJ service can help you to accomplish this goal. By discussing your preferences and expectations with your loved one and the DJs at Steel City DJ, you should be able to devise a Wedding Perfect Playlist that suits your wedding day beautifully.


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