Our Music

About our Music

Steel City Disc Jockey is proud to offer a very extensive music library with over 50,000 titles! Our music collection contains all of the current Top 40 hits along with everyone’s dance favorites dating back to the 50’s. We have every popular line dance, group dance, and more! Our music library allows us to handle just about every type of event…in every age range and music preference! Featuring hits from the 2000’s, 90’s, 80’s, 70’s, 60’s, and 50’s…along with many Big Band, Rock, Disco, Urban, Pop, Jazz, Techno, Country, R&B, Rap, Alternative, and Today’s Top 40 hits!

Although, we SPECIALIZE in events that require more recent hits. Our library is designed for the client that enjoys mostly newer music (90’s to Today), with yesterday’s (50’s to 80’s) dance party favorites mixed in. We also have many DJ only remixes heard mostly on top radio stations and in major night clubs.

Our music library is updated WEEKLY! Not only with the newest hits, but we also add older hits weekly too! If by chance there are songs that you would like that we don’t have in our library, we will always acquire them for your event at no cost to you!

We use TM Century Prime Cuts and Promo Only Hit Discs…the DJ ONLY music subscription services that are available only to registered, professional Disc Jockeys. TM Century Prime Cuts provide us with the latest Adult Contemporary, Urban, Country, Rock, Dance, and Christian music on a WEEKLY basis. We are GUARANTEED to have every single new hit in these music genres! Promo Only provides us with a monthly service to make our Top 40 Mainstream and Urban music library larger and more complete. Feel confident knowing that we acquire ALL of our new music from legal sources…and it’s clean, edited versions!

We are school friendly! We utilize only radio mixes, which filter out all foul lyrics that can be found in some of the new Top 40 hits. With Steel City DJ, your school can stop worrying about the music selection!

Last but not least…our music is FULLY DIGITAL! Our music library consists of 100% fully digital computerized MP3’s! We are helping to revolutionize the DJ industry by staying at the top of the game! Few DJ companies in Pittsburgh use this high-tech approach to music entertainment, but at Steel City DJ we always stay ahead of the competition!