Month: March 2015

Wedding Planning – Cost Cutting Ideas


There are many creative ways to save money on your Wedding Day. Although you may not be aware of costs of certain services until you begin planning, you quickly find out that everything adds up so any cost cutting is essential! If you can try keeping these Wedding Planning – Cost Cutting Ideas in mind when planning they may help maintain your budget, without cutting corners. Try not to get carried away with the tasks you enjoy doing and do what makes best sense first during planning.

Set Your Budget

Once you have determined your Wedding Budget, decide what means most to you and what you are willing to be flexible on. Some vendors have put together a few packages they think may help aid in decision-making. But be sure to inquire about what is included in each package. Are you able to add to, or take away any services built-in the package? Are services available to add a la carte to guarantee you get specifically what you want if a package is not working for you? Asking these questions up front will ensure you get exactly the services you need for your Big Day without any extra “fluff”.

Be Creative

If your date isn’t set in stone, try planning for the off-season or consider a Friday or Sunday for your celebration. The majority of weddings are not held on these days, which makes prices more negotiable. Also, try having your ceremony and reception at the same venue. This will help to reduce you rental fees and the wedding coordinator will help keep you on track with planning.

If you really want to get that fancy 5-tier cake for your guests to see, by all means GET IT! Have your baker create an edible bottom tier for your cake cutting and the top tier to save for your anniversary. Save money by making the layers between mock cakes and serve your guests from an already sliced sheet cake from behind the scenes. Imagine how much time you will save! Immediately after you cut the cake your guests will be served. Don’t make them wait while the server takes your cake to the back to be sliced!

Preferred Vendor Recommendations

Make your planning a bit easier by listening to the professionals who have personally seen specific service vendors in action. Most venues have a list of Preferred Vendors, for a reason. They have seen more Entertainers, Photographers, and Videographers than any one member of your family or friends. The venue is putting their reputation on the line with giving you their recommendation. Once you receive your Vendor List, still do your research, but keep in mind that recommendations do not come to those who don’t put in the work to receive such a compliment. You’ve done the work in selecting the venue, now it is time to take the vendor recommendations to help with further planning!

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Wedding Entertainment

There is much that must be taken into consideration when planning your wedding, including making sure that your reception entertainment matches the vibe you want to encourage. While many opt to hire a Pittsburgh DJ opposed to a live wedding singer, you must confirm that your DJ is more than just a human jukebox—or someone who turns on a playlist and hangs out for a few hours. Below are just a few reasons why your wedding DJ and entertainment are so crucial.

It Is the Entertainer’s Job to Make Things Fun

Without a DJ and other wedding entertainment, there isn’t much else to do at your wedding. While your friends and family can always enjoy a few wedding snacks, and catch up with one another—this will only take up so much time. This is why it is essential to have something else to pass the time. Even those who do not want to get up and dance can people watch and enjoy the ambience.

Great Entertainment, Makes For Great Wedding Video and Photos

Your wedding photos and wedding videos are images you will cherish for many years to come. On top of that, weddings are one of the few times that you will have all of your friends and family gathered together in one location. In order for your photos and video to live up to your expectations, you need more than just a talented photographer and videographer—but also a talented Pittsburgh DJ who will ensure that there are many excellent opportunities to capture your guests enjoying your special day.

You Want to Encourage Dancing and Interaction

When narrowing down your selection of Pittsburgh Wedding DJs, you want to search for someone who is good with people. Someone who can see when the energy is getting low, and adjust the music accordingly. Someone who will see when the energy is high—and will keep it there. Also, someone who is willing to mix and customize your music selections, and even throw in music that celebrates your culture or religion. If you so desire, also look for a DJ who will get the crowd going by playing line dances and maybe even a quick game or dance off.

If you end up with a DJ, who only provides music, but not full entertainment your reception may fall flat. Consider the factors above when creating and narrowing your short list of Pittsburgh Wedding DJs. Make sure your special day stands out with help from Steel City DJ. At Steel City DJ, we are proud to offer professionally trained Pittsburgh DJs to not only make sure your event runs smoothly, but also keep the party going for you and your guests. Make sure your wedding is something you and your guests will never forget, book the Pittsburgh Wedding DJ services of Steel City DJ.

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