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Don’t underestimate the ease of playing music – Hire a professional!

There are many options when it comes to your wedding music. Have you ever asked yourself, how important is your wedding entertainment and what are they responsible for? Sometimes couples underestimate the ease of playing music which usually leads to thinking that having a friend or co-worker DJ the reception is the way to save money. This could be true, but most times DJs with little or no experience don’t know how to correctly weave in and out of various styles of music. At a wedding, guests can range anywhere from 8 to 80 and their musical tastes will be limitless. A proper DJ has the experience to read the crowd and make sure everything runs smoothly while injecting life into the party. Think about what you want, and for that matter, what you don’t want. Will the DJ have the talent and skills to act as your master of ceremonies and be able to mix your music? Remember, all DJs are not created equal. Consider their training, level of talent and if they are primarily a wedding DJ. Without a trained DJ, your wedding reception can seem chaotic or unplanned. Not only are DJs responsible for keeping the party going, keeping the energy up and making sure everyone is having a good time, they also help coordinate and make sure the itinerary is on schedule. Do your homework, check out their website and ask questions before making your final decision!

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Remember our Soldiers who have served and who are still serving!

Weather you’re going to a BBQ or just enjoying the time off from work, don’t forget what Memorial Day really means.
Remember to make the time today to honor those Americans who have paid the ultimate price to protect us. If not for their bravery and service to our Country we would not be able to continue to take pleasure in the freedoms we have become accustom to. Please join SCDJ as we pay our respect and show our appreciation to the many selfless soldiers we have lost in combat.

God Bless all of our Service Men and Women and their Families for their Sacrifice!

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Steel City Offers More…

Steel City DJ offers more than just a DJ for your next event. In addition to our professionally trained DJs we also offer lighting, photography and event coordination! We can help you come up with some unique entertainment ideas for your next grand party. Your guests will love our Open Air Photo Booth that comes with a variety of props for your guests to choose from and the photo strip is complete within seconds! Your guests will have a copy and when the night is over you will have a scrapbook full with your guests smiling faces!

Game Show Trivia is also something out of the ordinary your guests will enjoy. We can tailor the trivia questions towards your guest of honor or we can come up with specific trivia questions in any category you can think of! Steel City DJ offers free online planning so you can communicate with your entertainment team at your convenience and be sure that your day goes as planned!

Call us today to see what awesome services we can offer you for your next event!

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Experience makes the difference

With years of DJ entertainment and communications experience, we use this experience at your event to make it the most successful, exciting time that you will ever have! Steel City DJ Entertainment has been pleasing crowds at hundreds of Pittsburgh area weddings, parties, school dances, and more since 1997. Experience truly matters..

Crowd Pleasing Talent

We are professionals in DJ entertainment and we use our talent to accurately read your crowd. This makes us able to easily choose the best music selection to keep your event fun and exciting all night long which keeps everyone on the dance floor. Our “MC” talent is also strong to ensure everyone is engaged in your event.

Professional Disc Jockey Equipment

We utilize only the most professional audio and lighting equipment. Our systems can be powerful enough for up to 1000 people…but yet is not over-powering for small groups. We have systems available that can rock your party like the hottest night club in town, or systems that can keep your event classy and elegant. Computerized dance lighting adds

Online Wedding and Party Planning

We offer a modern day approach to event planning. Every client receives a free account to our online planning system. This system allows you to plan your event…everything from the music that is played to the time-line of your event. This planning system ensures that we run your event the way that YOU want it! Weddings and some other types of special occasions not only receive the free online planning, but we will also sit down in person with our clients to better discuss and plan out the entire occasion. Your Wedding reception is the most important “party” of your life…and we know that!

Rates and Packages

We promise to give you the best in quality entertainment in the Pittsburgh area at a great rate! Just a tip: “Great entertainment is not always cheap…Cheap entertainment is not always good”! We encourage you to shop around for other DJ’s in the Pittsburgh area. As we believe that we have very fair competitive rates, our rates are definitely not the lowest in the area. BUT…if you want to be confident in the DJ entertainment at your event, and one that offers you A LOT for your money, then please fill out the information on our “Request a Quote” page for a free, no obligation quote!

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