There are many options when it comes to your wedding music. Have you ever asked yourself, how important is your wedding entertainment and what are they responsible for? Sometimes couples underestimate the ease of playing music which usually leads to thinking that having a friend or co-worker DJ the reception is the way to save money. This could be true, but most times DJs with little or no experience don’t know how to correctly weave in and out of various styles of music. At a wedding, guests can range anywhere from 8 to 80 and their musical tastes will be limitless. A proper DJ has the experience to read the crowd and make sure everything runs smoothly while injecting life into the party. Think about what you want, and for that matter, what you don’t want. Will the DJ have the talent and skills to act as your master of ceremonies and be able to mix your music? Remember, all DJs are not created equal. Consider their training, level of talent and if they are primarily a wedding DJ. Without a trained DJ, your wedding reception can seem chaotic or unplanned. Not only are DJs responsible for keeping the party going, keeping the energy up and making sure everyone is having a good time, they also help coordinate and make sure the itinerary is on schedule. Do your homework, check out their website and ask questions before making your final decision!

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