Don’t wait until the last minute to call vendors and check pricing and availability for your Wedding Day. Recently we have received a number brides call us during the final 3-4 months before their Big Day because the DJ they originally booked realized they were double booked and had to cancel! Any professional entertainer is going to check their schedule before booking anything and that should be a given. In the slim chance that the DJ decides that he will not be able to fulfill his contractual obligation in providing great entertainment for your special day there should be some sort of back-up plan so that you are not stuck in a bind.

Be sure that you not only require a contract for your professional services, but also understanding the contract is just as essential. Once that contract is signed there should be no reason to back out of it. Sure, things come up such as family reasons, an unexpected accident or anything unforeseen. However, any professional will have back up staff and equipment so that in the event that something keeps your DJ from entertaining your guests at your wedding reception you shouldn’t have to go scrambling looking for a replacement. They should already have someone lined up with the same amount of training and experience as who you choose. Why would you want the added stress in trying to find a DJ in such a short amount of time when you thought you already obtained someone and made payments to them?

When you are getting information on the services you want to book be sure to ask questions. Insurance, back-up plan, song selections as well as contract terms and conditions are all topics you want to discuss with your vendor before moving forward. Give us a call at our office if you have questions regarding any services. We also have some really good tips under the Resources tab on our website.

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