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Happy 4th

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

As we celebrate our countries birthday, enjoy time spent with your loved ones! Take a breather from our hectic lives and appreciate all of our privileges. As the whirl wind of excitement from the fourth of July passes by, remember what it takes to have such a wonderful country to live in!

John F. Kennedy- “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

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Remember our Soldiers who have served and who are still serving!

Weather you’re going to a BBQ or just enjoying the time off from work, don’t forget what Memorial Day really means.
Remember to make the time today to honor those Americans who have paid the ultimate price to protect us. If not for their bravery and service to our Country we would not be able to continue to take pleasure in the freedoms we have become accustom to. Please join SCDJ as we pay our respect and show our appreciation to the many selfless soldiers we have lost in combat.

God Bless all of our Service Men and Women and their Families for their Sacrifice!

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